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The Indie Guidebook to Music Supervision for Films is the only book of its kind for Filmmakers, Students, aspiring Music Supervisors, Publishers, Record Companies, Advertising Agencies, Commercial and Television producers. It's a step-by-step guidebook that walks the reader through all aspects of the process from Pre-Production through Post-Production. Includes Forms, Glossary of Terms, Contacts. Learn how to create Budgets, License songs, create a Music Cue Sheet, Temp Tracks, etc.
The Indie Guidebook to Music Supervision for Films is The Bible for anyone who is seriously interested in becoming a Music Supervisor.

The Indie Guidebook to Music Supervision for Films

  • "The Indie Guidebook to Music Supervision for films" by Sharal Churchill 

    (Price includes Shipping / Handling - USPS 2-3 Days)

    The tasks of Music Supervision for the Indie Filmmakers can be a daunting task. The author shares her 12 years of knowledge and experience in a solid, easy-to-read how-to book from Pre-Production through the Delivery of Music, empowering the reader and leaving no one behind. The Step-by-step guidebook topics include: Responsibilities of the Music Supervisor, Breaking down the script, Budgeting, Composers and Composer agreements, Recording original music and the Score, Music Editorial, On Camera Performance Budgets and Agreements, Music Placement, Synchronization and Master Use Licenses, Festival Licenses, Spotting Notes, The Soundtrack Album, Music Cue Sheets and Summary, Payment Schedules, Delivery Elements, The Final Mix.

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