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Your definitive resource to reach the international music business community of Top Recording Artists, Producers, Artist Managers, Record Labels, Music Publishers and Music Attorneys.


Is Your Business Looking for Work?

Let the A&R Registry help you find it.


By advertising in the A&R Registry you reach your target audience directly because we’re speaking to them on a daily basis!


The A&R Registry is the definitive guide for a complex industry that includes; Recording Artists, Bands, Producers, Labels, Music Publishers, Artist Management Companies, Music Supervisors, Film/Television Music Depts., Booking Agencies, Music Attorneys and Recording Studios.    We reach 15 countries worldwide through print, on-line subscription and the web.


Let us get your message to your community.  


The A&R Registry is a powerful branding vehicle that offers you repeated exposure that only a contact directory of this scope can provide. We also deliver your message in all of our social media announcements expanding your reach to an additional 40,000 potential targets within the music business community.


Join our family of respected advertisers who are expanding their reach within the music industry including: Woodshed Recording, Studio Trilogy, Westlake Recording, The Cutting Room, UBS, Wire Studios, Joe D'Ambrosio Management, National Audio, EastWest Recording Studios, Guilford Sound, Media Science International, David Lynch Foundation, Saltmine Studios, Nightbird Studios, GeeJam, NARAS, Gorgeous Media, Tour Intel, The Studio at  The Palms, Skywalker Sound, and many more.


To get started, please contact Doug Probst @ 626-521-5766 or by email at  (Deadline for the Year End Edition is Friday Oct 30, 2015)


Welcome Aboard! 


Ritch Esra & Stephen Trumbull




When your music needs to get in front of those who can make a difference, The Film/Television Music Guide is the clear choice. 


The Film/Television Music Guide is the premier resource used by every Music Supervisor, Film Studio and Television Network Music Department, Trailer House, Video Game Company, Music Placement Company, Music Editor and Music Library, in the business - over 10,000 in all!



When You Need to Put Your Music To Work

When you need to reach Music Business Professionals (Labels, Music Publishers, Artist Managers, Record Producers, Music Attorneys, Recording Studios, Music Supervisors, Film/TV Music Depts.,) let The Music Business Registry Publications be the vehicle to showcase  your service, product or music to the industry. 

Doug Probst

Director of Advertising

Is your Music looking for work?

       Let us help you find it.

 Publisher Registry
 Publisher Registry

Do you need to reach the Music Publishing and songwriting community with your music, company or message?  


Then look no further  


The Publisher Registry is your most reliable source in the marketplace. Subscribed to by over 5,000 of the Top Music Publishers, Songwriters, Recording Artists, Producers, Music Attorneys, Music Supervisors Artist Managers and  Record Labels in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. 

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