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Ritch Esra

Ritch Esra, Publisher

Welcome to Music Business Watch,

     We've witnessed profound shifts over the past two decades, both to the inherent value of music, and what people are willing to pay for it. During this time recorded music distribution has changed from a copy model to an access model.

     Technology changed the way recorded music gets distributed. And while these changes have been met with severe resistance by the "old guard", we believe they will ultimately provide great opportunities and rewards for both artists and the music industry alike.

     2016 will be the year that streaming finally took center stage as the most dominant form of music distribution.

     For 25 years Music Business Registry has provided the global music community with the most accurate and up-to-the-minute contact information in the area of Record Label A&R, Music Publisher Creative Teams, Music Attorneys and Music Supervisors, and others involved in the recording, licensing and placement of music into film, television, video games and other new visual media. In 2014, we added Artist Manager data.

     The Music Blog Directory is a new publication listing over 3,000 of the top music blogs from around the world. Entries include the blog name, website address, location, contacts, email, and a description which includes the style of music the blog focuses on, as well as their link to Twitter. The Music Blog Registry is available in in Excel / database format. 

     The Who's Looking List includes every record label's artists who are looking for songs, co-writes or collaborations for upcoming projects. It's updated and published on the first day of each month, and you can save 15% with a yearly subscription.

     All are available in Excel (both .csv or .xls), tab delimited, or FileMakerPro formats. 

     Getting this data in the right format for you will save countless hours of time, reduce errors, and give you the power and flexibility to create your own email lists, mail merges, direct e-mail campaigns, call lists -- or anything you can imagine by importing the data into whatever database format or contact and marketing program you’re using to market your music, business or service.
     Order from our online store. Or, if you want something you don't see, please give us a call at 818-781-1974. For up-to-the-minute, ongoing access to all of our directories,  visit

Ritch Esra



Ritch Esra

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