Film & Television Music Monthly — 1 print +12 pdf issues

A must-have resource for everyone in the music business.


The Film & Television Music Monthly provides all the contact information you need to get your music licensed for film, television, video games, and other visual media.


PLUS: interviews with top film and television music executives


PLUS: curated news including:

  • Film & TV Music News

  • Soundtrack News

  • Composer News

  • Gaming Music News

  • Music Supervisor News

  • Movie Trailer News

  • Sync News


PLUS: a comprehensive Music Conferences section featuring dates, descriptions, locations, and links to major music conferences around the world.


Every issue contains thousands of listings covering major geographic regions including  Southern California, New York, Nashville, Canada, and the UK. These listings include company descriptions, links to websites, email, and social media, and are divided into 26 unique sections:

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Clearance Companies

  • Commercial Music Production

  • Composer Agents

  • Composers

  • Educational Resources

  • Marketplace

  • Music Contractors

  • Music Departments

  • Music Editors

  • Music Libraries

  • Music Placement Companies

  • Music Preparation

  • Music Publishers

  • Music Services

  • Music Supervisors

  • Orchestras

  • Payroll Services

  • Performing Rights Societies

  • Record Labels

  • Recording Studios

  • Score Mixers

  • Scoring Stages

  • Trailer Houses

  • Video Game Companies

  • Index


Monthly pdf updates ensure you'll have the most complete and up-to-date contact data — information that is not available anywhere else.


Stay current. Stay informed. Get licensed. Get Signed.

Film & Television Music Monthly — 1 print +12 pdf issues