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Music Blog Directory — 1 Excel File

The Music Blog Directory is the most comprehensive and up to date list of every Music Blog that you need to get your music heard!. It contains up to date detailed descriptions and contact information of over 4,000 of the Top Music Blogs from around the world spanning every musical genre from Pop, Alternative, Rock, Electronic, Country, Hip Hop, Folk, House, R&B, EDM, Experimental, Metal, Jazz, Indie etc. It includes all 860 blogs that feed into The Hype Machine! The Music Blog Directory is the only tool that you need to connect with these influential music bloggers.

Music Blog Directory — 1 Excel File

  • The Music Blog Directory features:

    • 3000 of the Top Music Blogs from around the world
    • Over 7000 direct names and e-mail contacts of the bloggers and their contributing writers
    • Includes all 860 Blogs that feed into Hype Machine
    • Each listing includes: Style of music the blog focuses on, their location, Twitter Contact and Website
  • Due to the nature of our publications, all sales are final.


    If you need further information, please contact our office at 213-537-7011 in California. Most orders are processed within 24 hours. 


    For specific publication release dates of any of our contact directories, please call or email our office since issues are released at different times 

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