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Film & Television Music Guide — 12 Excel files +12 pdf issues

A must-have resource for everyone in the music business.


Provides all the contacts you need to get your music licensed for film, television, and video games. Includes almost every music supervisor, film studio and television network music department, trailer house, video game company, music library, music placement company, and music editor in the business.


With monthly updates, you have the most complete and up-to-date contact data—information that is not available anywhere else. Each issue contains over 6,295 company listings with links to more than 5,471 websites, as well as email links for over 8,194 industry professionals. Covers all major industry geographic areas including Southern California, New York, Nashville, Canada, and the UK.


Includes interviews with top film and television music executives, curated news items relevant to the industry, an event/conference calendar and twenty-two unique sections of the people and companies you need to reach.


Stay current. Stay informed. Get licensed. Get Signed.

Film & Television Music Guide — 12 Excel files +12 pdf issues

    • Each listing includes a contact name and title, company name and address, direct phone numbers, assistant’s name, email and website links, music genre, and more

    • Twenty-two unique sections: Clearance Companies, Commercial Music Production, Composer Agents, Composers, Music Contractors, Music Departments, Music Editors, Music Libraries, Music Placement Companies, Music Preparation, Music Publishers, Music Services, Music Supervisors, Orchestras, Payroll Services, Performing Rights Societies, Record Labels, Recording Studios, Score Mixers, Scoring Stages, Trailer Houses, Video Game Companies, and an alphabetical linked index

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