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Music Industry Contracts, Deluxe Edition
(Price includes Shipping)  

This CD ROM contains 85 different contract templates including; Artist Management, Record Producer, Live Performance, Songwriting, Joint ownership of Copyright,
Work for Hire, Agency / Entertainer, Exclusive Artist Recording Agreement, Session Player, Publishing, Co-Publishing, Band agreements, Equipment Rental Agreement,
Live Performance Rider and about 70 other contracts.

Music Industry Contracts, Deluxe Edition

  • Contracts for the Music industry, Deluxe Edition

    (Price includes Shipping) 

    Save thousands of dollars in legal fees! Contracts for the Music Industry Deluxe Edition includes contracts for: Artist Managers Record Companies Copyright Release Songwriters Producers Publishers Entertainers Artist Agents Music Performance Recording Studios Ad Jingles.                           
    These contracts do not substitute for legal advice. Always consult an attorney for legal or contractual questions.
  • Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.


    Please allow 7 business days for delivery. If rush delivery is needed, please contact our office at 213-537-7011 in California for pricing and ordering. 

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